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The following images offer a glimpse into our world of pottery.  We try to make functional, microwave and dishwasher safe items.  We believe in pieces being used to serve as we ourselves serve.  Please click on images to see larger view.                                                                                                                              Lynn and Rebecca
Custom trophy for Hamilton Ryker Golf Event
We are from Mississippi so to honor our state..
Personalized verse bowls are one of our specialties
We can design a custom mug for your event.  This is for Kossuth High School
another custom verse bowl
We can carve your name on trays of many sizes
Apecial large tray with handles, cross and carved name
Square Dinnerware in Redemption pattern
Square dinnerware in Pickwick mud patternSquare Dinnerware in
Square dinnerware in waterfall or as the guys call it "camo"Dinner plates with wild animal motif
Dinner plates with wild animal motif
Dinnerware in "Darrington's Copper"
Square dinnerware in WaterfallC
Complete dinnerware set in Waterfall "Camo"
Bakers in "Grace"
Sqaure bakers in "Darrington's Copper"
Rectangle bakers and assorted plates with cross motif
lidded casserole and open bakers in "Darrrington's Copper"
Pie plate and berry bowl in "Darrington's Copper"
"Snowdrift" serving pieces
Deco platter with salt and pepper sets
"Grace serving pieces
"Snowdrift" serving pieces
"Waterfall serving platter with pedestal dip dish
"Waterfall" bathroom set
"Celedon" platter with goblets
"Waterfall" accessories"Darrington's Copper" mugs with cream and suga
"Darrington's Copper" cream and sugar with mugs
"Iron with frost" goblets on leaf tray
"Animal print" compote and toothpick holder
"Darrinton;s Copper" pitcher and utensil holder
"Snowdrift" cross collection
"DArrington's Copper" serving dishes
Darrington's Copper " large bread basket
Medium oval bread basket
Large round bread basket Avacado
Assorted bread baskets
Cannister set in "Moonlit Moss"
"Turquoise and Waterfall"
Cannister set
Cannister set with knob lids
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